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How is your energy right now? Need a power up?

The end of the year is nigh. Virtually on your knees, soldiering on, counting down the minutes to the festive break? The candle wick almost catching itself in the middle from the end of year deadlines and frolics of parties. Ah the dream on the other side…lay-ins, movie days, drifting from kitchen to sofa, from family to friends, feasting on not needed indulgent food and drink, no agendas, to forget which day it is, to simply switch off from it all. Determined to get through, we soldier on, just a few more days. Let’s really just hope we’re not ill over the holidays (like last year or the year before?!), so we can enjoy our break right? This is the second post in the WRAW series – a ref

WRAW! What does it stand for?

I hope you sang the title like the song? I’ve written before about where my interest in wellbeing and resilience stems from. I continue this, as I think my “fall” was avoidable. I clawed my way back to health, learnt a lot about the topic on the way and set out on a mission to do all that I could to prevent others experiencing that difficult journey. I am quite open to the fact that I am not perfect. I still learn new ways my body tells me to slow down...and create new coping strategies! This post explore a new tool to measure resilience. Firstly, what I think about resilience. Shock! – it has been a dirty word for me! My impression of the word used with people has previously been tha

How to do your best thinking?

Getting time and space to think can be a challenge. When we DO make it happen however, it is refreshing and cleansing. Having the strength to protect ourselves from distractions, we focus on the core issue. We get clear on what we want, as well as how to make it happen. As a Coach, this is my key focus – creating the environment for people to get clarity and take action towards either exploring what they want and/or how to get it. Mostly, I work with people using video conference. This means you save time on travel and have the comfort of your own space. Immediately after the session, you can build time ready for reflection, and even better, fully energised, the opportunity to take act

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