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Journeying through life it's common to come to a crossroads or a barrier blocking your way.

You feel stuck.  You don't know where to head next.

Or perhaps you do know what you want, but for some reason, you can't move forward.

During times like these, it's good to know that lots of people experience these feelings.  Many of us are not brave enough to ask for a helping hand.

Acknowledging that you need guidance is a wonderful trait and seeking out help is one of the greatest strengths you can possess.

That's where I come in.

I'm Sheela, a qualified personal coach here to help you find your flow and clear the way so you can reassess your journey, to move more confidently along your chosen path.

Although we are all different, I do have an idea about how you feel, because I have been there myself.  I was lost.  I went through the coaching process.  It changed my world.  Now I want to help you change yours.

I firmly believe that the answers to your questions are in your hands.  My job is to be your guide during your search to find them.  

Read on to find out more about coaching, workshop and conference services I offer.  The next step is to get in touch so we can organise a time to talk about what you most need support with.


Putting myself first has the knock on effect of making others happier so isn’t as selfish as I thought, I have remembered the awesome person I can be and put myself in her shoes again.  Sheela, you have a natural warmth that made it very easy for me to tell you my story. The sessions were supportive and without judgement and enabled me to find my own answers which is very empowering. I have found my confidence and know that this is just the beginning of a bright and colourful future.


Jane, GP, Hampshire

"Happiness is a state of mind.  It's all according to how you look at things"

Walt Disney



Coaching is a confidential, non-judgemental, thought provoking process to identify and live out your values.  Sheela's coaching style has been described as "like peeling back the layers of a Russian doll"!

The environment is safe, comfortable, designed to engage and inspire you.  Using deep listening skills the coach will identify questions to challenge your thinking.

Coaching enables self-discovery, coming up with solutions and strategies that work in "your world".  Often people want to be stretched, coaching finds those opportunities and invites you to take them.

Partnering with a professional coach can unlock your potential and set you on the path to thriving personally and professionally.


A service tailored to you

I specialise in coaching GPs, those in healthcare, education and freelancers.  The commonality across this group is the drive and passion to care for others.  Sometimes, at the expense of themselves.

Everyone is unique, you may prefer 60 minute sessions, for others, 90 minutes works better.  These can be face to face, telephone or video conference.  I love the sea, so wherever possible, we work near the beach. 

The investment in yourself can free you from burn out, procrastination, perfectionism or people pleasing to list just a few.


Wellness and Resilience Workshops

Preventative mental health can save businesses thousands of pounds in lost productivity.  Improving mental wellbeing in the workplace shows a consistently positive return with an average ROI of 4.2:1.

People want to feel properly cared for at work.  Show them their wellbeing is your priority by providing reflective thinking time in this area.  Give them permission to focus on developing a realistic, constructive plan to care for themselves.  

I am a Wraw practitioner.  The Wraw Index is the worlds only psychometric report measuring workplace resilience and wellbeing.  Your team can receive individual reports and then can collaborate on learnings in a team workshop, building the overall team resilience for whatever changes you have on the horizon.

Having a trained coach facilitating the learning deepens their ability to come up with their own personal solutions.

Half and full day sessions available.  Call or email to discuss your specific requirements.

"We were delighted with the workshop on Wellbeing provided by Sheela as part of our department away day.  Sheela took great care to understand and incorporate our unique needs, and the insightful and engaging session had something for everyone from our large and diverse team.  Thank you very much Sheela"


Kathryn Athow, Head of Careers, University of Southampton


Inspire your audiences

Give your delegates some real food for thought through inviting me to to talk at your conference.  I thrive on sharing my experience with candid detail of the journey to wellness following an unexpected change.

You'll get an interactive session to engage and motivate your attendees with facts and figures that bring the personal story to life.


Call or email to discuss your delegate aims.


"I was lucky to be the recipient of a free session which Sheela was offering as part of coaching week.  It was a very productive and positive hour. 

A great use of time and I left with a different perspective and things to consider.

I would recommend, whether you feel you need it or not".


Ben Pantling, Procurement Officer, Dorset



"A totally positive and enjoyable experience – thank you Sheela. Loved speaking with you every session and felt very comfortable sharing my thoughts and feelings with you.  The positivity and energy I came away with after each session was amazing! You’ve helped me to see things differently and focus on the possibilities in the future"

Annemarie, Public Health Practitioner, Hampshire

Sheela is a coach whom I was in need at a difficult time of my life and she helped me a lot to come out from that phase. Whatever I am today, I owe her for her support, compassion, empathy and professionalism. I would love to be with her client for any given opportunity. I wish her all the success and I am sure all her clients will be benefited the same way as I had.

Debasis, Project Manager, Singapore

Sheela is a really positive, enthusiastic and friendly person. I  felt really at ease and comfortable talking to her. She really helped me to see things differently about myself, to make some big self realisations and overcome some limiting self beliefs. Sheela has given me the confidence to really believe in myself and have been able to do things I never thought would be possible a few years ago. Sheela is also excellent at giving very useful practical advice to help with networking and understanding my strengths which has helped move me forward to take my career in a new direction. I would have no hesitation in highly recommending Sheela to anyone looking for help if they feel stuck in their career or other area of life.

Jess, Cambridgeshire

Sheela has helped me to clarify what it is that I want to achieve in my career and work out a practical way of how to get there. She somehow manages to make sense of my ramblings and after every session I would come away enthused and with a plan to help me move forward. She always asks the right questions to spark my thinking and has innate way of calling me out on any unhelpful beliefs. Every session has been incredibly valuable. I would recommend Sheela’s coaching to anyone wanting to make a positive change in their life

Addy, Business & Personal Coach, Dorset

"Sheela has a calm, thoughtful, supportive and reassuring approach which allowed me to open up and honestly explore all the issues at the levels I never knew existed and it is at that moment that the magic of coaching and its impact started to unravel. Sheela has an amazing natural ability to see through the complexity of situations and emotions and to ask just the right questions that bring a greater sense of clarity and direction, and a new sense of positivity in life and about life, which is precisely the feeling I came away with after each session. I found particular breakthroughs on developing my career as a coach and finding my authentic self and issues around improving relationships at home. Overall, my experience with Sheela has been hugely valuable for my personal development, as I now experience life with increased levels of self-awareness and feeling excited and positive about my future".

Tamara, London

“I was uncertain to first start working with Sheela as I not had been coached before. I needn't have worried as she carefully listened and quickly demonstrated her understanding of what I was trying to get at, often before I did but, still allowed me space to get there myself.

 Sessions went quickly and were enjoyable which is a testament to her approach. Everything felt very tailored and specific to me but I had a reassuring sense that Sheela was operating from a base of vast experience and success with others before me.

 Starting with broad discussions followed by clarity and focussed work helped me a lot. I always had something to focus on between sessions and found myself being more mindful in my approach to specific goals and to life in general”.

Chris, Social Worker/AMHP, Warwickshire

I was unsure about asking for your help, it felt self-indulgent.  It was a massive step for me, I was nervous, but looking back, it was exactly what I needed to do.  You were so friendly and reassuring I knew it would be OK.  You were kind, and I felt safe and not stupid.  I like the fact we were looking forward all the time, as I wasn’t interested in introspection.  I am now in a place where I am feeling a lot more grounded and I am stronger, instead of unsure and wobbly. You helped me acquire some practical tools and new perspectives, to work to keep me in this better place and move me forward.

I enjoyed the mix of techniques you used, visualisation and discussion, as well as the work you gave me to do between sessions.  Meeting in different places was good, it meant less opportunity to fix in one place with a certain perspective.

I would have no hesitation about recommending coaching sessions with you, whether people are in a good place and want to continue to move forward, or if they need a refocus, as we all sometimes do. 

Thank you so much for the time we spent together.

Jennifer, Librarian, Dorset

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"I booked Sheela as the keynote speaker for our Trainee Teachers Health and Well-being conference.  It was a really fascinating talk.  Sheela gave the trainees a really strong mix of the underpinning theory and practical, readily accessible activities that they could implement right from today.  I talked to several who were inspired by her journey and what they could take from it. 

Sheela had clearly put a huge amount of time, effort and thought into the preparation of the talk.  Thank you!"


Dr Miranda Dodd,   University of Southampton

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